Thursday, December 16, 2010

Are you a slave of Christ Jesus? In the readings for this Sunday's Mass, St. Paul proclaims his allegiance to Christ. He declares that he is indeed a slave to Christ Jesus. The word slave in American conjures up different images than Paul is describing here but the essence is the same. Essentially, it was an honor and privilege according to the Old Testament, to be bound as a slave to God. Paul is bound to Jesus in all aspects. He is willing to do anything for Jesus. In fact, remembering Paul's conversion story, it makes this statement even more amazing. Saul, as Paul was known before his conversion on the road to Damascus, was indeed a Christ-hater. He despised the growing movement led by Christ. He tortured and persecuted people who were followers of Christ. But as we all know, his conversion experience turned everything around. St. Paul became, arguable, the most fervent disciple of Christ Jesus. Paul certainly devoted his life to spreading the message of Christ. So I go back to my first question. Are you a slave of Christ Jesus? Do you live every waking moment to bring Christ to the unchurched? Do you share the salvation message with everyone you come in contact with throughout the day? Or perhaps you define becoming a slave to Christ Jesus in another way. It is a deep and complex issue. Spend some time on it today. It is important to make a decision on this important question. Are you ready to make the kind of commitment that St. Paul made?