Thursday, July 10, 2014

We have been spending time in Bible study with the book of Revelation. When we first began to talk about embarking on the journey through Revelations, I was anxious. There is such an aura around St. John’s revelation that I have found myself either avoiding or skipping the last book of the Bible. Now that I have begun to read and study the book, my anxiety has subsided. I am certainly not an expert but it does allow you to come to a deeper understanding about the Mass and other aspects of our faith. In addition, something that I have often wondered about was what happened to the Virgin Mary and the apostle John after Jesus rose from the dead and then left them again. We do know that Mary and John settled in Ephesus and there is a message to the town in Revelation. It reveals what is happening in Ephesus and subsequently tells us a little of the life of Mary, John, and Timothy (who served as bishop of the church there). One of my favorite passages so far urges us to use our voices like a trumpet to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ. How glorious would that sound be if we all came together to bring the message of ever-lasting life through Jesus Christ to a world that is obviously hungry for something more than worldly power, greed and selfishness? Speaking of using your voice to bring Jesus to the world, I have been listening to a recently released EP by Tori Harris called Sweet Dolor (which means sorrow). All of the songs are terrific. Hearts Once Stone, in particular, is very powerful. I saw a recent interview where Tori described that she was in adoration before the Eucharist and asked God to reveal part of her heart so that she could determine what she needed to do next in her life. This EP is the answer as she made the leap of faith to pursue a music ministry full time. I encourage you to support her efforts. The songs have already become such a blessing to me.