Monday, October 11, 2010

Last month, as the abortion industry celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the FDA approval of RU-486, we learned the grim news that two more women have died from complications related to the abortion drug. Since its approval in 2000, 12 women (and approximately a million babies) have died as a result of RU-486's growth in the U.S. Ella, which is almost a chemical twin of RU-486, was approved by the FDA on August 13th. According to the CDC, both women died from complications with c. sordelli, the bacteria linked to a number of RU-486 casualties from 2000-2006. Many are claiming that the FDA's approval process for RU-486 was significantly flawed. Since then, more than 1,300 women have reported adverse effects from using the drug--including 336 hospitalizations, 172 blood transfusions, and now 12 deaths. RU-486 continues to sit unopposed on pharmacy shelves, while women pay a severe price. Other drugs with less extreme effects have been pulled from the market--but the FDA seems intent on pushing a reckless abortion agenda. What's worse is the approval of ella as an "emergency contraceptive," despite the fact that it shares an almost identical chemical makeup with RU-486. Considering the similarities, there's reason to believe that the side effects will be just as dangerous. Continue to pray for an end to abortion the world over but especially in the U.S. where this radical agenda seems to be marching forward while we as Christians stand by. God will prevail and his warriors must be willing to stand against this evil.