Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The goal of Life Teen "is to completely transform the idea of what youth ministry is in our church and what it can be," said the director of events for the Mesa-based organization. "It needs to be more dynamic. It's not meant to be boring, but to be an experience on Sunday night and not just a class," said Stephen Lenahan. "Everything in our church is so grand, why not for our youth on a Sunday night by showing them the beauty of our church?" Lenahan, who works in Life Teen's Atlanta office, made the comments to The Catholic Sun, newspaper of the Phoenix Diocese, during the organization's mid-June conference in in Scottsdale. The annual Catholic Youth Ministry Training Convention, sponsored by Mesa-based Life Teen Inc., was an opportunity for new and seasoned leaders to be renewed and affirmed in their ministry. The conference had as its "Inspire," and it didn't disappoint the 700 attendees with its 60 breakout sessions lead by well-known youth leaders offering practical and comprehensive training. Topics ranged from how to balance a budget and lead a youth group meeting to relational ministry and dynamic environments.