Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why is worrying considered to be a sin against God? I think it is mainly because we are forgetting who is in charge. I Peter 5:7 says "Give all your worries to him, because he cares about you." In that very simple statement is a very powerful and profound message. Our God loves us and cares about what happens to us. He is sad when we turn our backs on him whether through sin, neglect or ego. The self indulgence that we are capable of as humans is such an obstacle. But we must remember that nothing on earth cannot be healed by our loving God. He is almighty and powerful and his comfort is limitless. So we bring ourselves to him over and over again and he accepts us as we are. Who else does that for you? Have you ever felt judged by others? I know I have. Have you ever judged other people? I know I have. If you have felt judged by our God you are not talking to the same God that I know. Our God gives us talents, abilities and gifts and he honors that commitment. So often our judgement and worry stem from jealousy of others; what they have and what they can do. At the same time, we are neglecting the gifts God has given to us that are unique. If we truly focused on using our gifts to their limits we would not have time to worry, envy, or judge others. So how about it? Turn your worries over to God today and start living a fuller life. Focus on what God has given you and multiply it as you use it for its anointed purpose. Don't worry, be happy!