Thursday, October 6, 2011

I love going to the beach. Not to sit out and bake in the sun, although if you are careful, that is a perfectly acceptable reason to go. No, I love the beach for the sand and water. Is there anything more relaxing than sitting and listening to the waves crash against the shore. It never stops and it can send you into a wonderful lull. It is a great place to clear your mind and hold a conversation with God our Father. There is a song that tells us that God knows how many grains of sand exist in our world. Isn't that amazing? When you look at the beech, have you ever imagined how many grains of sand there are? Besides the fact that new sand is being creating each second as the water continues to pound the shore. If God knows how many grains of sand exist, it reveals a deeper point about our relationship with Him. Clearly God knows everything about each one of us. Another interesting point is that God is constantly thinking of us. I know that He thinks of each one of us at least once a day. That is a comforting thought. I know that my God loves me and that He is thinking of me. Over the course of a lifetime, that is a lot of care and thoughtfulness. Do we ever acknowledge this type of support from God? Are we thinking about God each day? Some of us can go weeks or months without ever thinking of God. But God constantly thinks about us. We also know that God was thinking of us before we were born. Truly our God is marvelous and wonderful. God was invested in our lives even before we were born. It is comforting to know that God never has too much on his mind and is always thinking of us. That fact is something that should give us courage and strength. It should allow us to live our lives without fear and it should inspire us to live our lives in a new way starting today.