Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stay away from the darkness. It is a line in a song I heard one morning about two weeks ago and it has stayed with me. When you begin to look at how people slide into a life filled with sin, there is usually a tipping point. Something sets in motion this turn to the darkness. Very often it is a decision made in a moment without a lot of thought. Rarely, if ever, is there prayer involved and if there is, it is usually something superficial or fleeting. If you have ever been involved in a support group of any kind, you know this is true. We talk about how we got to the darkness and it typically involves making decisions without our God. Why do we do that when He offers us the complete support we seek? He knows what it is we need, yet we still make these decisions that can have a terrible effect on our lives. Some people never recover. Staying away from the darkness sounds like a great plan. How we do it is another thing entirely. Become critically reflective in everything you do. Figure out what is pushing you to the darkness. It is not about blaming others for your sins but merely making adjustments in your life so that you are relying on God and not others to help you make these decisions. A frank conversation with God can lead to some pretty drastic changes in your life. Are you ready to do that? It might mean ending a friendship or avoiding a certain event. If there are worldly things replacing God in your life, you will be drawn to the darkness. We love to be part of the crowd. We love to feel a part of something. What we don't love are the repercussions of our actions. We don't like feeling used and depressed about ourselves because of our actions. The Holy Spirit is alive in you. Will you listen to His advice? Avoiding the darkness is very much like avoiding other things that are not good for you. Smoking increases your chances of getting cancer. Avoiding cigarettes and those who smoke decreases your chances of getting cancer. It is the same thing with the darkness. Stay in the Light. Seek out the Light. Jesus Christ is the Light and we are naturally drawn to him. He will help you stay away from the darkness. Today is a good day to reignite your friendship with Jesus Christ. I am praying that we all receive wisdom from God to stay away from the darkness.