Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christy Nockels latest song “Waiting Here For You” provides a message that concerns one of the most difficult things that we as humans have to confront in our daily lives. We do not want to wait on anything or anyone. But she is clear in her song that waiting for Jesus to move and lead us where we need to go is very worthwhile. The third verse says, "You are everything You’ve promised. Your faithfulness is true. And we're desperate for Your presence. All we need is You." Waiting for the Lord to share his plan for our lives is difficult. We see others moving ahead or supposedly receiving the things that they want and we find ourselves growing restless. Sometimes we even get jealous and begin to rail against God. We feel like we are being punished even though we feel we have been faithful and patient. Christy sings that God has loved us from the start. That is a key idea that can settle even the most nervous person. God does love us. He created us to love him. He covets a loving relationship with us and he is jealous of that love. He wants us to love him first and most. We should never place other things ahead of him. So I return to a theme that has been appearing on my heart and this blog recently: what did you do for God today? If we stay focused on trying to please God and showing him praise, everything else will fall into place. Today I ask that you pray for the soul of Jim D'Amico who recently passed away. I am sure that he is receiving everything that he ever hoped for and that he has joined our Lord in heaven.