Friday, June 10, 2011

If you send your children to Catholic school are you confident that they are receiving catechetical instruction that is sound and correct? I ask this because I think that many people feel like once they write the check, they can leave everything else to the school administrators. I would urge you to take a closer look. This is not to promote suspicion or innuendo. I just think it is our responsibility to maximize the Catholic experience for our children. I would ask if the school has a chaplain? If so, how often does he or she come to school if they are not there everyday? I would encourage you to ask that the school have the bishop or chaplain bless the student's on a regular basis. What about having them bless their lockers since they hold everything that the student uses at school and frequently contain things they carry with them all the time. Ask if there are multiple opportunities for the students to have public worship? Ask how regularly the students attend communal events like Mass? While all of our Catholic schools are open to other denominations, it is important that we as the body of Christ make sure that our schools maintain true spiritual purity. It is important that the leadership not only adhere to Catholic doctrine but truly believe in those principles. Our Catholic schools must be beacons of truth in this world. Our Catholic schools should look and feel different. They should be challenging our children to be difference makers in the world. The world will continue to darken and the students that attend Catholic schools provide the light for the future. They must be reminded not to hide their light. They must be supported to go and light the world. Catholic schools have always been such a blessing. We must be vigilant as prayer warriors to ensure that they continue to serve as a tabernacle for Christ.