Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Please pray for Bryan Stow, the 42-year old paramedic from Santa Cruz who was brutally attacked at Dodger Stadium just because he had the audacity to wear San Francisco Giant apparel. Two cowards attacked him from behind and now the father of two is in a coma. Apparently close to 100 people witnessed this tragedy but the cowards have not been arrested yet. I love sports and I dislike the rivals of my teams but I would never think of violently attacking someone over the issue. Has our world really come to this? I understand that the psychological mood of the country continues to be greatly affected by the inability of our leadership to remedy our economic problems but nothing excuses this action. It is shameful and unacceptable. Then there is the story of Brianna Montecalvo who gives us hope in the future. She recently was confirmed and received gifts of cash from friends and relatives. Instead of spending it on herself, she decided to donate the cash to a worthy cause. Brianna recently gave $800 from her confirmation gifts to the Alzheimer’s Association in memory of her grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and died four years ago. The 16-year-old student from La Salle Academy in Providence said she was happy to make the contribution and felt her grandmother would be proud of her. She also said she hoped the donation would help her mature. She only wished she had done something like this before. She noted, rather maturely, that some people need the money more than she does.