Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trusting in God is all we need to do to have a fulfilling life. Then why is it so hard for us as humans to place our trust in the God who created us? It is the same mistake that Adam and Eve made when they decided to try to take God's place. They allowed their egos to take them down the path of sin and the world was never the same. It is the same mistake that the Jews made over and over again in the Original Testament. Although God gave them numerous chances, they were led astray time after time. Finally, God became man in the person of Jesus Christ. Finally, someone showed us what trust in God can mean. Jesus trusted God even to the death. Jesus did suffer and He had doubts but He always trusted God. After He was crucified for our sins, God raised Him from the dead. Jesus shows us the way. He also provides his body in Mass each week so that we can eat of this bread and attain everlasting life. The promise of life everlasting with God is pure delight. It is perfection. It really is indescribable but it is attainable. Trust God. It is that simple.